The Mares Family

It all started on a street corner. Well, that’s the way Bill likes to tell the story. From there, it became a friendship. In 2005, Bill and Kris made it official and The Mares Family has never been the same. Now, with 7 kids, a NASCAR schedule, and ministry life… well, there’s a reason the family group text is called “Mares Family Mayhem.”

Each member of The Mares Family has their own unique personality, story, and interests. Bill and Kris could tell you all about God math and God timing. Some of the kids could talk your ear off about their favorite topic. Some of the kids would rather just show you. And the dogs and chickens? They mostly just shake their heads at our nonsense.

One last thing: it’s mars like the planet, not mares like female horses. Don’t worry, it confuses everyone.

You can read more of our story HERE.

Welcome to The Mares Family life!

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