Allison would live at the barn if she could.

When she was 5 years old, Allison asked for a horse. Mom and Dad promised that if she turned 10 and still wanted one, she could have one. Allison started lessons at 6, leased her first pony at 10, and at 11, bought her first horse Meenah. They competed for a couple of years before Meenah had to retire early due to DSLD, a degenerative ligament disease. Now Allison rides and trains a variety of horses while Meenah lives fat and happy out in the field.

Allison and trainer Kim Miner.

Training and Eventing

Allison trains with Kim Miner of Kinetic Equine.

Allison’s custom Peter Horobin Saddle
(Photo by Peter Horobin Saddlery)

Tack and Equipment

Allison and Meenah work hard and play hard. They use sturdy and economical items, sometimes new, sometimes new-to-them.

January 2021 Pipe Opener, 6th Place Green as Grass


Allison is actively seeking sponsors for event entry fees, tack, and equipment. As a young eventer, Allison understands the importance of representing herself and her partners well.

Her passion for horses, her boundless enthusiasm, and her willingness to pursue her goal of becoming an equine professional have, over the four years that she has been at my farm, grown her from a beginner rider student to my assistant barn manager/trainer. I look forward to following her continuing journey and can only imagine the places she’ll go!

Maggie Boreman, Owner, Emerald Rose Farm

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