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Elaina: Why I Love Volleyball

I love volleyball because it is a very fast pace game. It requires a ton of focus and speed. Another reason is because it is a mental sport and a team sport. These two go hand in had because you have to rely on your teammates a ton in this game and if one personContinue reading “Elaina: Why I Love Volleyball”


The End of an Era

In August of 2010, we walked into a new elementary school for the first time, in our new town, having only lived here for a couple of weeks. Today, the last day of this school year, our youngest will walk out of that school for the last time. After 11 straight years of having aContinue reading “The End of an Era”

Why Our Kids go to Summer Camp

Our kids need time “unplugged.” Camp is an opportunity for a week in nature with no electronics. They can’t retreat on their screens. They learn and practice necessary and valuable face-to-face communication skills.

“If I win…”

My momma heart broke in that moment. With an ache inside of me, I did the mom thing and said “Bud, we’ll for sure race in Hickory. You just go out there and have fun tonight.”

Alex: Why I love Karate

I love karate. I am currently a junior blue belt. My favorite kata is H-pattern 2. Here are 5 reasons why I like karate. Fun Friday Sparring Tuesday Ninja course every last Thursday of the month exercise meeting new people and finding what they like.

Easter Camping

For dinner, we made what the kids call “hobos” – meat and veggie foil packs cooked over the fire. What is nice about this meal is that everyone can make their own supper just how they like it.


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