Elaina: Why I Love Volleyball

I love volleyball because it is a very fast pace game. It requires a ton of focus and speed. Another reason is because it is a mental sport and a team sport. These two go hand in had because you have to rely on your teammates a ton in this game and if one person is off the whole team is off. If one person gets in their head it is the teammates’ job to pick them up.

It is also a competitive sport with talented young women and men. Volleyball has taught me that it isn’t just about me it’s about lifting people up and giving credit where it is due and also to be a good sport. Don’t be rude to other players. It has also taught me how to be resilient and how to take criticism and how to be a well rounded human being.

I chose this sport because it looked fun, so I am excited to see where it takes me in life.

2022 Conference Championship Match

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