Training and Eventing

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Winter Training

During the winter off season, Allison and Meenah continue to train. Although daytime hours are short, there is always time for a good ride!

Photo by Gina Klos
War Horse Event Series 8.22.2020

Allison and Meenah competed in the Green as Grass Junior division. They finished 8th overall. Individual scores were: Dressage – 40.9, Stadium Jumping – no faults, Cross Country – 5:00 clear

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War Horse Event Series 11.7-8.2020

Allison and Meenah will compete in the Green as Grass Junior division.

Adding bedding to Meena’s stall.
Emerald Rose Farm Barn Manager

Everyone starts somewhere. Emerald Rose Farm provided the opportunity to learn valuable skills about overall horse care and barn management. Ms. Maggie was a great mentor and friend! In February 2021, Allison and Meenah transitioned to new barn to further their training.

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