Current Partners

Our partners aren’t just business. We build relationships.


Keen Parts

Ms. TJ loves racing and we are grateful for the support of Keen Parts! Keen Parts is a leading manufacturer and retailer of Corvette parts and accessories. They have over thirty years of happy customers all over the world and look forward to helping you with all of your Corvette needs. Their catalogs cover more than 26,000 Corvette parts and accessories. They stock parts available for Corvettes from 1953 to the present.

Affiliate Partners


The Mares Family and Kris Mares websites are both hosted using WordPress. We currently pay for our unique domain names and use the free plan version. WordPress is easy to use and has many great, free, features. If you use THIS LINK to set up your website, we might both receive credit for future purchases!

Misfits Market

Each week, our family gets a Misfits Market box delivered right to our door. On Tuesdays, our shopping cart opens. On Fridays, the items are packed and shipped. On Mondays, our box arrives! We’ve enjoyed trying new products and seasonal produce. And anytime there has been an issue with our shipment, Misfits Market has been quick to refund the cost!


We are Amazon Affiliates. Each time you purchase one of the products linked on our website, we receive a percentage of your purchase. We only share products we actually use and like!

Thank You

When you are doing something fun, people want to join in! We have family and friends who continue to support our family’s endeavors. Thank you for your support!

Let’s build new relationships.

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