5.14.22 Kingsport Speedway Race Recap

Race day started early when Bobby, mom, and same age sister left the house shortly after 7am in the pouring rain. We had to turn back around shortly after leaving to get something we forgot, then stopped for gas, and continued on to the racetrack. We drove up Hwy 52, onto I-77 and I-81, thenContinue reading “5.14.22 Kingsport Speedway Race Recap”

4.23.22 Anderson Motor Speedway Race Weekend Recap

It was the first race of the 2022 Southeast Legends and Bandolero Tour. Bobby had never been to the track, but the guys at JW Motorsports had been, so they knew just how to get the #6 Keen Parts bandolero ready! It was a full weekend and Bobby was feeling excited to be able toContinue reading “4.23.22 Anderson Motor Speedway Race Weekend Recap”

A Day in the Life: Bill, Part 1

Rain begins. Rain delays mean minimal work (we do have to cover the cars and get any equipment moved that needs moved). Rain delays do mean eating a LOT of snacks (hauler snack drawers notoriously get emptied out during rain delays, my favorite snacks are the Swiss Rolls) and having conversations about things that are dumb, NSFW, and mostly unimportant.